Randy Au

Randy Au writes the weekly Counting Stuff newsletter, which covers topics in data science, quantiative UX Research, with occasional excursions into other fun nerdy topics.

There’s been a new post every Tuesday morning since 2020. There are also posts for paid subscribers every couple of weeks towards the end of the week.

Randy can be found on Mastodon or Discord (see below) while Twitter is exploding.

Join a Discord for data folk to have fun

Approaching Significance is a Discord for data folk to hang out in, with the explicit goal of having roughly 50/50 split between data conversations and non-data fun conversations like hobbies, cute pets, and food.

Come join and meet all the friendly people there.

Supporting the newletter

The newsletter has a free post every Tuesday. Every 2-3 Thursdays there’ll be a post for paid subscribers. There’s other ways to support my work if you do not want to subscribe.

Counting Stuff Posts by Topic

Here’s a manually curated list of archived posts by topic, ordered somewhat arbitrarily. The list is trying to organize the more evergreen posts for easy reference.

The full archives are available here. The full archives has a search feature.

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